Ocelot Shoes Limited, locally owned and founded on the Island of Trinidad and Tobago, has developed a select assortment of safety shoes and work boots for the rugged work environment.

Our assortment like the Ocelot wild cat radiates elegance, beauty, passion and dominance. The design of the shoe emanates the sleek nature of the animal, without sacrificing fierce quality and affordability.

Through our network of distributors, conservation agencies and the success of the shoe, the Ocelot Shoe Company has decided to support an initiative for the protection and preservation of this endangered predator championed by the Paria Springs Eco Community called the "Ocelot Conservation Project"

“It is our responsibility as Manufacturers, Business Developers and Trinidadians to give back to the community and the environment. Supporting the Paria Springs Eco Community would aid to the preservation of the animal’s habitat, protection and eventually remove it from the endangered species list. Supporting the Paria Springs Eco Community would also aid in the Governments Eco Tourism initiative” Director of Sales and Marketing Ocelot Shoes Company


Our Committment

For every Ocelot Safety Boot Sold TT $5.00 would be donated to the Paria Springs Eco Community for the preservation and protection of the Indigenous and endangered Ocelot Wild Cat of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our network of distributors have agreed to support this drive to fund this inatitve for the protection of the species.

Purchasing Ocelot products from any of our Green Partners ensures that TT $5.00 pair of Ocelot Safety shoes sold goes towards the "Ocelot Conservation Project"



Paria Springs Eco Community

"We welcome the support given by the Ocelot Shoe Company and it would add some of the needed assistance for the presevation of the animal's habitat and the overall protection of the species." Courtenay Rooks, Mmanaging Director, Paria Springs Eco Community and Founder of the Ocelot Conservation Project.

To learn more about the “Ocelot Conservation Project” you can visit the Paria Springs Eco Community Website.

Learn More about this endangered species, click link